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Is Everything Predestined Or Are We Responsible For It?
Boldsky | 10th Jul, 2018 02:55 PM

Amongst the lot of questions that keep popping up in our minds from time to time, if you were asked to prioritise the one you'd like answered first, we are sure you would choose to know whether the things in our lives are predestined or we ourselves are the creators of our destiny. Well, while the question seems a bit confusing, the answer needs nothing but a pinch of logic.

Just imagine there is a man whom we have named God. Then imagine the belief system which says that he is the supreme power and is responsible for everything that goes on in our life. Well, if a person's near and dear one dies, we say everything happens with the will of God. For every wrong happening, we keep blaming this man whom we have named God. What does it imply?

It implies that this person is the in charge of all that happens around, and we are actually left with no responsibilities. Why do we work then? And for whom when it is his rule that ultimately prevails? This belief system mainly focuses on the fact that everything that happens is predestined. We could try anything, but the results will be what he wishes them to be.

Now, a question to all the successful professionals out there: Will you say that the success you possess today was given to you by him and you had nothing to do about it? If we go by the first belief system, we are actually left with nothing in our hands; it is he who has to do it all.

Now, a question to all the parents out there, if asked to write down the destiny of your child, will you not write it in the most perfect way? Going by the first belief system, he is the supreme power, he is the father, so do you think a father will ever wish for something bad to happen to the life of his child?

Going by the first belief system also implies that he is responsible for every right as well as a wrong thing. We must credit him for every good thing as well as blame him for every wrong thing. When faced with a misfortune, we might quickly point at him, but do we do that when our child ranks first in the class? Obviously not, then we say it is because the child worked hard.

So if you achieve success due to your hard work, you have a good health because you maintain your health, then why do we blame him for the wrongdoings? Blaming him for the wrongdoings also refers to blaming him for the heinous crimes taking place everyday. Will a father ever want his children to suffer?

All that happens in the universe is either Karma or Bhagya. Karma means what we do. We might abuse a person, bless them, nurse them while they are ill or become the cause of their illness; all this decides our karma. Similarly, what other people do for someone is Bhagya for that someone. So, the Karma of one becomes the Bhagya of another.

Had things been predestined, do you think the man whom we call our father would ever punish us? He whom we call the sea of forgiveness, will he ever not chose to forgive? For how long can a parent punish their own child? Whatever might be the mistake, a parent forgives their child.

Then why do we blame the ultimate parent, for all the misfortunes in life? It poses a question mark at the belief systems that we have been living under since ages: Life and its Bhagya are predestined; God is responsible for everything that happens around; he forgives his children easily. These beliefs contradict each other.

Hence, had everything been predestined, if he had the sole right to write down whatever he wanted to in the destiny of all, he would have written no worries in your life and hence, no worries for himself. Why would he ever want to see you in trouble, crying for help all the time? Why do we say he is responsible for misfortunes, but take it to our credit when the hard work gives desired fruits? Just ponder over it and decide if destiny is really predestined.

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Disbelieving these age-old beliefs makes us believe that karma works. But how? Well, our Karma stays in the universe in the form of energy and comes back one day. It never changes the target, following the philosophy of what goes in comes out too. Well, as to how it all happens, we will let you know in another article.

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