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Signs That Your Body Is Ready For Pregnancy
Boldsky | 11th Jul, 2018 11:10 AM

Pregnancy is an important milestone in a woman's life. Most women wish to have a baby at some point in time in their lives.

While some women feel that achieving motherhood and raising a family is their calling in life, others put becoming a mother in the backseat and focus on their career. But either way, the time comes in their lives when they wonder if they are ready for a baby.

Women achieve puberty between the ages of 11 and 16. Since then, they menstruate every month as a preparation for a possible pregnancy.

When a girl achieves puberty, she is technically able to carry a baby of her own based on her physiology. But when very young, the girl may not be capable of carrying a pregnancy in terms of physical and mental aspects.

Ovulation is the point in a menstrual cycle when an egg is released from one of the ovaries. If it meets a sperm, a life will form in the womb of the girl.

You may be looking forward to getting pregnant or you may be trying to prevent pregnancy at all costs; either way, it is important to know when you are ovulating.

Today, we shall discuss the signs that tell you that you are at the fertile period of your menstrual cycle. If you wish to get pregnant, you will have a good result by having an intercourse during this time. If you are not ready for a pregnancy, avoid getting intimate in this phase. Read on to know more.

• Cervical mucus

Cervical mucus is the discharge seen from the vagina. The consistency and the texture of the cervical mucus keep changing through the menstrual cycle. During the time that you are not fertile, your cervical mucus will be more like a paste.

When you are fertile, the discharge is much less thick. It is also stretchy, gooey and clear like an egg white. It is hence called the egg white cervical mucus. This mucus facilitates the passage of the sperms towards the egg when you are fertile.

• Change in the body temperature

Keeping tabs on the body temperature is a good way to determine your fertile period. It is seen that the body temperature falls a little a couple of days prior to ovulation. After the ovulation happens, the temperature rises again and goes beyond your normal temperature. the temperature of the body will stay that way for the few upcoming days and then return to normal.

• More interested in sex during the fertile period.

It is seen that during the phase of the menstrual cycle when you are the most fertile, your sex drive hits a peak. It is a way that the body is trying to tell you that your body is ready for a baby.

• Your breasts might feel much more sensitive and tender

Tender and sensitive breasts are commonly seen as a sign of the arrival of the periods. But it also happens when you ovulate. The tenderness and sensitivity is often ignored as a sign of imminent periods. This is caused due to the increase of progesterone levels in the body. The breasts may swell up a little too.

• Change in the position of your cervix.

The position of the cervix is not something you actively check for or even are aware of under normal circumstances. But the fact is that the position of the cervix changes ever so slightly during the ovulating phase of the menstrual cycle.

You can use your fingers to determine the position. The cervix becomes much softer and moves to a higher position. It also opens up a little to permit the easy entrance of the sperms.

• Mid pains

During ovulation, some mild cramps are also felt. It might be very mild when compared to the cramping of the periods and some women do not even notice it. The fact that will help you to differentiate the mid pains or the ovulation cramps from the regular period cramps is that you will feel it either in the right or in the left side of your abdomen.

It will also be sudden and very dull and sharp. Painful cramps during ovulation should be brought to the doctor's notice as soon as possible.

• Bloating

ust before your periods are to arrive, you will notice a little bit of bloating. This bloating is often noticed during the time when you ovulate. You may also crave things that are salty or are spicy during this time. If you indulge in your cravings, you may end up with more bloating. All this bloating happens due to the hormonal changes that happen when your body is ovulating.

• Spotting

In some women, ovulation causes some spotting or very little bleeding that is seen when you wipe or on your underwear. This is also called mid cycle spotting. It is thought that ovulation bleeding happens as the egg or the ovum is released from the ovary.

It is also said that the egg bursts in the ovary causing the bleeding. Hormones and their changes may also be the cause of the mid cycle bleeding. Another cause may be pregnancy and implantation bleeding. If you see the spotting, you should wait a few days and take a pregnancy test to confirm.

• Headaches

If you tend to have headaches every month at around the same time, it may be a sign that you are ready to be pregnant. It is unlikely that you notice headaches if you commonly have them or are suffering from migraines. But if it happens regularly and a few days before you get your periods, it might be because you are fertile.

• Pimples

For some women, pimples are a fact of life and they appear right on time a few days before the periods arrive. The fact is that they appear around the time that the ovulation occurs. This happens because the hormonal changes in your body make your skin too oily which in turn creates an environment favorable for pimples. The pimples can be a way that your body is telling you that your body is ready for a baby.

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