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Why Is It Important To Have Self-awareness When In A Relationship?
Boldsky | 11th Jul, 2018 09:30 AM

Self-awareness is the way of taking a deeper look at the way you behave, carefully evaluating your strong points as well as the weak ones. The conscious realisation of yourself also means paying attention to the way your mind works and being comfortable with yourself. It is important for self-awareness that you also make a decision to face your insecurities and fears.

If you have a poor sense of self-awareness, it will cause a disturbance in your relationship with your partner. It will also affect the relationships with friends and family. A healthy sense of who you are, on the other hand, will boost your confidence that you need to embark on a relationship and to make it a success as a whole.

Deciding to learn about yourself is no doubt a challenging and scary act, but it is something you need to do when in a relationship It is a fact that only when you know yourself and who you really are, you will build healthy self-esteem and give the love to your partner.

Healthy self-esteem means feeling worthy and having respect for yourself, while low self-esteem means you do not love yourself enough. Self-awareness and self-esteem are very closely related and if you don't have self-awareness then you will most likely have low self-esteem.

Importance Of Self Awareness

1. Self Improvement Helps A Lot

The moment you start improving from who you are to who you can be, it starts reflecting on yourself. Once you acknowledge the weak points within yourself, you can start working at improving those weak areas. None in the world is born perfect, nor any die perfectly. It is the continued evaluation that helps in trying to be perfect.

It will take time and commitment to improve yourself and you will have to communicate with your partner admitting to each other and apologizing if you have made a mistake, meanwhile. The end result will give you much joy and satisfaction when you see the result is being fruitful.

2. Flexibility In Understanding

Do not think you are the one who is never wrong. You having faults in yourself and thinking that you are right all the time, is a wrong notion built inside. Being flexible with varied arguments and understanding what your partner is saying is a way of self awarenes. You will be appreciated by your partner for the flexibility you portray and the willingness to be more open towards your partner. It increases the love in the relationship.

3. Taking Decisions Becomes Easier

Having the knowledge of who you really are, you start making decisions in your relationship. This means that when your objectives are not the same as your present partner's, you have gathered the courage to walk away from the relationship when you consider it unhealthy and bad for your well being. Also, you become more self-assured and when your partner makes the decision to end the relationship, your world does not collapse.

4. Healthy Self-esteem Is The Necessity

Self-esteem rests upon a lot of factors. It includes your personal life and your family environment. If you hail from a very loving, kind and supportive family background, you will definitely have a good self-esteem. But not everyone is that lucky and a lot of people come from families where although parents are professionally successful, family members weren't always allowed to explore what they seek or deisre or their inner feelings, worries and thoughts.

Lack of self-esteem is often the reason for relationships and marriages breaking down. Partners who have not spent enough time, identifying areas of their personality which needs more improvement mostly find it easier to blame the other person when things go haywire.

These 4 reasons are the top reasons that suggest self-awareness is very much required when you are in a relationship. Having no self-awareness always creates a fuss that neither you nor your partner would succumb to. You don't understand the necessity unless the relationships you get into keep falling apart.

If you liked reading the article, feel free to give your feedback below in the comment section.

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