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Dogs Don’t Like You Doing These 8 Things
Boldsky | 30th Jul, 2018 04:08 PM

There are ample things you're doing right now that's driving your dog nuts. And the most ironical part? You might not even be aware of doing them.

Sure, your dog is your best friend. And they even tolerate your or other humans' behaviors because they are ultimately loyal and easygoing. But, there are some things that you or your peers do and your dog secretly hates those.

Sometimes, they're obvious. Say you can spot the dislike when you try to give him a bath. Or sometimes he shies away from random hugs or certain types of handling. We get it; certain things are unavoidable, for instance visiting the vet or grooming. But even the most laid-back dog hates certain things we humans do.

There are multiple other ways in which we can try to go a bit easy on our dogs. Then again, no two dogs are exactly the same-what one dog hates may be enjoyed by another dog. So what does your dog hate? Or love? Have you figured out all of it yet?

Here are 8 things you might be doing that annoy your dog, along with how you can avoid them. Remember, these steps are going to ensure whether your four-legged buddy wants to remain your best friend forever, or not.

Frequent Hugs

Most dogs do not enjoy hugs, and especially when they come from from strangers. Dogs perceive arms around their neck or body as a threat. So they might "tolerate" gentle hugs from the close, trusted humans, but that doesn't mean they really like them.

Rather, it's better to let your dog cuddle on his own terms. And when he does, simply pet along his back and on the chest.

Use Gestures Over Words

Your dogs might be able to deduce the meaning of a few keywords-come, sit, treat, go, etc.-but they can't understand majority of our human language. Instead, what they rely on is our body language to figure out what we mean.

A great experiment is to try spending a whole day with your dog without saying a single word. The idea is to communicate only with your body language. Use your gestures to convey matters to your dog, and then you'll know how cordial a conversation can be without making a single sound.

Rushing Through A Walk

Dogs love going out on walks-it gives them a chance to explore the outer world. And they explore primarily through scent. When you rush your dog through a walk, without allowing him/her to stop, sniff and mark, you're being unkind to that creature.

So next time you take your dog out on a walk, give him plenty of time to explore his surroundings.

Being Ignored

Dogs, being social creatures, don't generally like being left alone. In extreme cases, some dogs even start to fear being left alone and consequently experience separation anxiety. But then you can't really help it as you have to work in order to pay your bills, as well as for all that gourmet dog food. What's the solution?

Spend the maximum time possible with your dog when you are at home. Utilize this time to bond with your dog, set a daily routine for both of you and provide plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Getting Into Their Personal Space

Pretty much as hugging, dogs don't really like humans getting into their personal space. Avoid putting your hands on your dog's face, towering over or rushing towards him.

Being an owner, if you need to prod your dog for his own good-ear cleaning or tooth brushing- go slow, be gentle and don't forget to reward your dog with treats.

Being Teased

Don't imitate a dog by barking as you pass on the street. Don't wave at a dog barking at you from behind a closed door or window. Don't pull a dog's tail. The list can go on; in short, don't do anything that makes a dog mad. It's not funny to the dog at all, and perhaps, you might end up with some new dog-teeth marks on your skin.

Being Forced

Like you, your dogs have their favorite friends and enemies too. But most of the time we either get into denial or simply fail to read the cues that our dog is giving.

Do your dog a favour: read his/her body language when she doesn't like to be around certain other individuals, and henceforth don't force it.

You Being Upset

Life has its own ups and downs, we understand. And there are times when you are going through a phase of depression, stress or grief. It's bound to affect your dog. Because of the close bond you two share, your dog can sense your emotions.

During such times, have you ever tried going out for a walk with your dog? You're bound to find yourself feeling better. If allowed to, dogs offer extraordinary emotional support.

Someone has said it right, "Dogs do know how to speak, but only to those who know how to listen."

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