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Parineeti Chopra On #MeToo: I Want Every Woman To Come Out & Name Those B****rds
Oneindia | 11th Oct, 2018 11:34 AM
  • Name Them & Shame Them

    Parineeti said, "I want every woman out there to come out and name those b*******. Name them and shame them. How dare they have a normal life after doing this with you, how dare they have daughters, how dare they have wives, how dare they have careers and money in their bank account. They better not!"

  • Women Shouldn't Be Scared

    "Because you ruined my life. Oh man, I am going to ruin yours now. So I want every woman out there to come out and they shouldn't be scared because there are good men out there who are going to stand by them."

  • Sexual Harassment Is The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Somebody

    ""God forbid if it ever happened with me, I wouldn't have lasted 2 hours without speaking about it. There are women who are speaking about it after 10 years, 20 years. To live with that, I don't think I will have a career, I don't think I will be able to work. I can't work with a stomach ache let alone such a thing to have happened. It's literally the most private thing in your life to be physical, to be intimate with someone and that too, be either raped, to be assaulted, to be alone in a room with a man trying to force himself on you - I can't think of something worse. I don't think death is worse, I think this is worse," Parineeti told Zoom.

  • Why Parineeti Hoped This Wouldn't Be A Start Of India's Me Too Movement

    "Because that would mean there are so many more stories out there, there are so many women out there who have stories to tell. And 5 days later we have lost count of how many women have come up and how many men have been accused. Literally, every two hours a new name comes up and that's so sad. That's so sad that there are so many men who have been accused and so many different women per man, I really didn't know it was so bad. Pandora's box is such a scary term, it means it's limitless. Are they really that many creative women who were working with a smile on their face knowing that this was their reality a few years ago I can't believe it."

  • Parineeti Is More Than Shocked For This Reason

    "I have been telling my friends.. I have been more than shocked. These are the people I have hung out at their houses, I have had private one-on-one moments with them where we have discussed lives, careers and personal lives and I did not know that this was the reality of so many men."

  • 'I Don't Know Who To Trust'

    "We have had relationships with all the men that have been named, literally all the men - some sort of association with them. Which is why this is scarier - I don't know who to trust. I know that the kind of person I am I don't think anyone can do this to me but that's probably my mistake. Because all these women probably thought they could trust these men and they were violated. It's so scary that there exists this universe today and it exists in such a beautiful film industry of ours where we give inspiration, hopes and dreams to the entire world and this is the reality of our industry. I am only speaking for our industry. There's nothing to say I am just so proud of all these women that despite their wounds, they are coming out there and speaking up. There's no other way."

Since the time Tanushree Dutta opened up about facing sexual harassment by Nana Patekar, Indian women are not shying anyway from naming their sexual predators. Till now, prominent names like Vikas Bahl, Alok Nath, Kailash Kher, Rajat Kapoor have been accused of sexual misconduct and harassment.

Parineeti Chopra, who is known to be quite vocal about her thoughts, recently opened up to ZoomTV where she expressed her anger and disappointment over the growing list in MeToo movement. The actress even urged women to name and shame anyone who has ever violated them, assaulted them or harassed them. Here's what the 'Namaste England' actress had to say-

Further while speaking to PTI, Parineeti said, "The moment you know something, take an action. If you are quiet, you are allowing this to happen. When I know you are not the greatest man, why should I continue making films with you, acting with you? Because then you're enabling that person and he thinks 'great, I've gotten away with this. Amazing! I can do it five more times. I am sure they (industry people) will not be working with those who have been named."

She further added, "According to me, these people need to be in jail. These people are worse than terrorists and murderers. Doing such a thing to a woman, violating her, I actually cannot think of something worse."

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