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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Going To Beaches
Native Planet | 15th Oct, 2018 09:31 AM
  • 1) The Tricky Temperature

    Well, this is one thing which matters the most. Before leaving for a beach holiday, do not forget to check about the weather and the temperature conditions of the region. As humidity rises up to its maximum level during the summer season, thereby, making you uncomfortable, you must not plan a visit to any coastal region during the summers. For instance, Varkala in Kerala cannot be enjoyed during the months of May and June.

    Sunbathing becomes difficult in such an extreme weather. Wouldn't you love to enjoy the best of beach beauty? If yes, then do plan a trip only when the weather is perfectly fine with optimum temperature.

  • 2) Things You Should Carry

    There are a certain things you must not forget to carry while you planning a trip to a beach. Sunscreen to protect you skin is a must. Along with that , you might want to carry sun glasses, mats games, towels, etc.

    Think about the activities you are going to do on the beach wisely and carry all the necessary items. Later on, you would not want to regret for your carelessness. You can also carry a beach bag and a medicine kit if you are looking forward to staying there for a long time.

  • 3) Dress Code

    Long flowy dress and suit up men look great on the beach only in the movies. You're definitely going to have a tough time if you are not dressed for it. Make sure to dress light, preferably in swimsuit or nylon clothes.

    Also, find out the type of beach you are going to before you pick your outfit. You definitely will have no fun in bikini in a super conservative family beach. Therefore, always keep in mind to dress up properly so that you can enjoy the beauty of the beach to your fullest.

  • 4) The Beach Type

    If you are looking forward to having a nice sunbath or play some sport around the beach, a rock beach cannot cater to your need. Instead, you need a sandy beach with a wide shore to enjoy the activities you want to carry out.

    Therefore, get to know everything about the beach beforehand so that you don't have to change your plans. If you are going to a sand beach, you may have ample amount of space to do whatever you want. However, rocky beaches, which are equally as mesmerising, does not provide the same amount of space.

  • 5) Waterproof Your Devices

    Tantalising water of the beach do make us forget about everything we should worry about. Most often than not, electronic devices become victims of the alluring beauty of the beach. Therefore before you go in the water, make sure that all your devices are waterproofed. Else, leave your devices on the beach with your companion or someone you are well acquainted with. Most beaches provide lockers to keep your belongings, you can also store your devices there.

Undoubtedly, Beaches are some of the most visited tourists spots on the world. Everyone loves to sunbathe and laze by those golden sands on the shore. After all, these are the places where you can enjoy the ultimate beauty of nature. From spotting the beauty of sun as it fades away in horizon above the ocean to savouring the relaxing waves of the sea, one can do a lot of things here. But let me break you out of the trance about your perception of beaches that you've got from movies and other aesthetically pleasing videos. We don't mean that beaches are not fun at all.

Beaches are absolutely fun, but there are certain things that you must remember if you want to take absolute advantage of the beach. Here we've listed out a few things that you must not forget if you want to relish a pleasant time on the beach.

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