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Weekly Horoscope: 22 October 2018 - 28 October 2018
Boldsky | 22nd Oct, 2018 02:24 PM
  • Aries: 21 March – 20 April

    Things may start slow at your work place this week. However being planned and well ahead of your schedule may help you give time to the other important things in your life like your health and family. This time is ideal to delve into your finances and researcher on ways to create a second source of steady income. You may also take the advice of someone trusted in this endeavour. Singletons may not be that lucky in love. You may also be haunted by a past relationship. Married individuals will enjoy marital bliss but will have difficulty in starting a family. Your health will be good provided you do not over burden yourself with too much work.

  • Taurus: 21 April – 21 May

    This week may be all about sudden changes for you. If you are the one who thinks thoroughly before making a decision, you may come across situations which may require you to take prompt actions. Don't worry. Just follow your intuition as it will guide you in the right direction. Business personnel are advised against entering into partnerships as they may not work out. Finances will be good as old investments will give returns. You need to be very careful of your actions and words with your life partner if you want a smooth sailing in your married life. You will find that losing weight will automatically solve some health problems that you are facing for quite some time.

  • Gemini: 22 May – 21 June

    You may find yourself following instructions at your work place, something that you despite. Though you may not like it, it may be necessary to maintain a good rapport with people you work with and for. You may reach certain cross roads in your personal life where you may have to take a bold decision which may change your personal space for a while. Do remember that it will be temporary and things will certainly change for the better. Your family however will provide you with all the emotional support required. Too much stress may hamper your health. Indulging in a good stress buster activity such as a body massage will help you get back on your feet faster and stronger.

  • Cancer: 22 June- 22 July

    If you are not happy with your current life, you may have to make the necessary changes yourself instead of loathing and waiting for things to happen on their own. Don't hesitate to put in any efforts required and you will thankful for yourself in the future. Business personnel may find new ways to increase or expand their business. Your finances too will be in your favour as a major gain is foreseen mid week. Plans of studying abroad for students will culminate. There may be minor health problems due to low immunity. Therefore it is better to consult a doctor and gorge on some immunity boosting foods.

  • Leo: 23 July- 21 August

    Certain changes in your job is predicted, either a transfer or a promotion. Regardless of the kind of change, it will definitely spell out positive for you. However, this may make your future plans haywire but things will eventually settle down. Your family life will be cordial. However, thread cautiously as your life partner may be the reason of some mental stress for you. It may be because their goals may be different from yours. Be sure to communicate with them and give them the freedom make choices. You are advised to be wary of your finances and not make new investments as of now. It is important to keep a check on your expenses as well. Your health will be good.

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  • Virgo: 22 August – 23 September

    You may feel lazy and tired at the start of the week. However, you are to not give in and go on with your work or else you may have loads of work piled up for the week, making it too hectic for you. You may have to give your attention to certain pressing family matters and try to resolve any conflicts before they culminate into something bigger. Socialising will help you make contacts which may be beneficial for you in the future. You may suffer from headaches and back pain which may be due to stress. Instead of indulging in a boring monotonous exercise routine, you may join an interesting dance or a zumba class to keep fit as a fiddle.

  • Libra: 24 September- 23 October

    Things are rather exciting for you this week as you will come across many opportunities to showcase your talents and earn that promotion. This is the right time for business personnel to strategise to drive their business forward. Good monetary gains are in stores for you. Make sure to use this favourable time to end any financial commitments of the past and make invest for a better and secure future. If singletons feel that they are not coming across good romantic prospects, it may be due to the fact that they are looking at people superficially. Trying to find a good heart is definitely harder but much better in the long run. You may feel a surge in energy throughout the week. Make sure to utilise this to the fullest.

  • Scorpio: 24 October- 22 November

    The position of the planets will provide you with ample courage to walk on your chosen path. If you are planning on taking a different route to success, do not hesitate as you will surely be met with what you desire. However, your personal life may go through turmoil of sorts. If everything is hazy and you are not sure where to go, have patience and let the cosmos guide you. This is the right time to re kindle your relationships with distance members of the extended family. Stomach related ailments may be on the rise so watch what you eat.

  • Sagittarius: 23 November- 22 December

    You are advised not to trust on anyone when it comes to your tasks at your work place. Make sure to re-check and research on any information given to you before using it in your tasks. You may feel too positive about things right now, but that will be mainly due to your health issues. If you are feeling lethargic and unenthusiastic, it is time to take a sabbatical. Spending time with family and loved ones will help you spring back to good physical as well as mental health. Your finances will be good as gains are foreseen through unexpected sources. You will also be actively involved in social causes. Eating right and exercising will help release the happy hormones to uplift your mood.

  • Capricorn: 23 December-20 January

    If you are waiting for inspiration to start anything new, look around you. Making changes in the old ways will give way to something new, something creative and this is the right time for you to let your creative juices flow. Don't be afraid to take an initiative as it will definitely reward you sweetly. Your finances may need to be taken seriously. Sudden expenses may make you tensed. Try to save for such emergencies in the future to avoid borrowing money from others. Your family life will be cordial. Singletons may meet a lot or romantic prospects. Though they may not be your type, if you feel a connection with them, go ahead. Your health will be good.

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  • Aquarius: 21 January- 19 February

    Your hard work and dedication will keep you on focus at your work. Make sure to use all this attention to your benefit. However, be wary of certain jealous colleagues. If you find it difficult to make decisions, try to think from a social point of view and don't be too selfish. Long terms investments in your finances will help you with the sudden expenses that you will be incurring due to the ill health of a family member this week. Misunderstandings may arise in your relationships. It is important not to let your emotions override your thinking capability. Yoga and meditation will help you achieve the physical and mental wellness you desire.

  • Pisces: 20 February- 20 March

    If you find that things are not going according to your plans this week, it is time to take charge instead of waiting for things to happen. Financial gains will be forefront for you this week, as this will lead to increase in your standard of living. Travelling abroad will broaden your career prospects and bring you joy. You will receive the complete support of your family which will help you achieve all your goals. Your relationships may undergo a change. An old flame may want to rekindle their romance with you again. It is important to remember that prevention is better than cure. If you have dietary restrictions, it is better to follow them always to keep unwanted health issues at bay.

The start of the week has everyone of us anxious about the future. But we have it all covered for you. Here is your weekly horoscope for 22nd October to 28th October 2018.

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