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Pamper Your Feet This Weekend With The Goodness Of A French Pedicure!
Boldsky | 1st Dec, 2018 10:01 AM

Have you ever come home with tired feet and thought of going for a soothing and relaxing pedicure? It is very essential to pamper your feet once a while. But guess what? You do not have to go to a parlour every time and get a pedicure done. You can even go for a pedicure at home and relax your tired feet the easiest way.

While there are so many types of pedicure available in the market, the one that caught our eye is French pedicure. Ever heard of it? Apparently, French pedicure is certainly a good pick for your feet! But how do you do it? What is its procedure? Is it the same as regular pedicure?

How To Do French Pedicure At Home in 10 Easy Steps?

A French pedicure is the one in which you decorate your nails with a thin white coloured strip on the tip of your nails while the rest of the nail is either painted in very light pink shade or sometimes the nude one.

Listed below is a 10-step simple procedure to do a French pedicure at home:

Materials required
  • A nail polish remover
  • Nail cutter
  • Nail filer
  • Epsom salt
  • Cotton balls
  • A tub of warm water
  • Moisturising cream/ lotion
  • Nail polish - white and transparent
  • Drying spray
How to do
  • Start off by prepping your nails. Take a cotton ball and put some nail polish remover on it and begin your French pedicure by removing the previous nail paint. Once done, cut your nails if you wish to and give them a desired shape using the nail filer.
  • After you have filed your nails, you move on to the next step - a warm soak.
  • Take a tub filled with warm water and toss some Epsom salt into it. Now soak your feet in the tub and relax for about 10-15 minutes. While you toss some Epsom salt into the tub of water, you can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to it too. It will give you a soothing fragrance.
  • After a relaxing soak, remove your feet from the water and scrub it nicely. But before you use a scrubber, you need to wipe your feet dry with a clean towel. Rub the soles of your feet too - that's where you find cracked heels, right? Remove all flaky skin and dead skin cells while scrubbing.
  • Once done, wash your feet with cold water and pat it dry.
  • Next, apply a moisturiser to your feet and massage it gently. Once done, you can move on to using a cuticle trimmer to remove any hanging nails from your cuticles. Do it gently and be focused so that you do not hurt your feet in any way.
  • Next, colour your nails. Use a transparent coat to colour your nails. You can even use the lightest baby pink shade.
  • Now comes the main part of this type of pedicure. Take white nail paint and colour the tips of your nails by drawing a white strip along it. Let it dry up.
  • Once it is all dried up, you can again continue to apply a second coat of transparent nail paint.
  • You can finally apply some drying spray to fix your nail paint and you are all done.
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