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How Was The Sudarshan Chakra Created?
Boldsky | 4th Dec, 2018 05:44 PM
  • The Tyranny Of The Demons

    Once all the demons became very powerful, and they started spreading their tyrannic rule throughout the universe, torturing even the gods. All the gods, fearing the rule of the demons approached Lord Vishnu. As Lord Vishnu opened his eyes after the request of the gods, he realised that the demons might actually become excessively powerful if not stopped on time.

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  • Lord Vishnu Approached Lord Shiva

    Lord Vishnu had also realised that he would need the support of Lord Shiva, the Lord of destruction in order to bring an end to the demons. Hence, he went to Kailash Parvat, where Lord Shiva was meditating. Seeing that it would be wrong as well as quite difficult to stop the meditation in other ways, Lord Vishnu started chanting the names of Lord Shiva. As he chanted each name of Lord Shiva, he also offered a flower to him.

  • How Lord Shiva Tested Lord Vishnu

    Just to test his patience Lord Shiva hid the last flower. When Lord Vishnu could not find a flower to offer with the name of Lord Shiva, he offered his eye. This won the heart of Lord Shiva and thus pleased, he told Vishnu that it was just to test his persistence that he hid the flower.

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  • Lord Vishnu's Desire For The Most Powerful Weapon

    Lord Shiva thus asked him which wish he wanted to be fulfilled and the reason behind Lord Vishnu's visit. Lord Vishnu said that he wanted one such weapon which could not be defeated and which could win every battle. Thus Lord Shiva created the Sudarshan Chakra which is not just a weapon but signifies various other spiritual meanings as well. It is also said that Lord Vishnu then once gave the Chakra to Goddess Parvati which was later also used by Lord Krishna.

Hindu scriptures have mentioned the Sudarshan Chakra as one of the most powerful weapons ever. Much similar to the Brahma Astra in some aspects, it would come back only after achieving its target. Not just this, it is also believed that it could even be used to find lost things. It is said that its use was prescribed only in the rarest of cases.

It is also said that it was created by Lord Shiva upon the request of Lord Vishnu and that he never told how it was created in order to avoid misuse of the weapon. But why and when was the Sudarshan Chakra created? Read here the story behind the creation of the Sudarshan Chakra.

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