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Top Ten Fastest Growing Cities in The World Are All Indian
Good Returns | 6th Dec, 2018 12:00 PM

According to Oxford Economics, India is set to dominate economic growth over the next two decades. In a report on global cities research by Oxford, the top ten cities for economic growth are all Indian.

The city to see the fastest expansion through 2035 is Surat, the diamond processing and trading centre in Gujarat at 9.17 percent. The top ten cities are:

RankCityStateAvg annual growth 1 Surat Gujarat 9.17% 2 Agra Uttar Pradesh 8.58% 3 Bengaluru Karnataka 8.50% 4 Hyderabad Telangana 8.47% 5 Nagpur Maharashtra 8.41% 6 Tiruppur Tamil Nadu 8.36% 7 Rajkot Gujarat 8.33% 8 Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu 8.29% 9 Chennai Tamil Nadu 8.17% 10 Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh 8.16%

At present the economic output from many Indian cities is rather small when compared to the biggest metropolises in the world, However, by 2027, the gross domestic product (GDP) of all Asian cities will exceed that of all North American and European urban majors. According to the report, it is expected to grow 17 percent higher by 2035 with the largest contributions from cities in China.

The report further said that the fastest growing city in Africa is Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. As for Europe, it is Yerevan in Armenia, while San Jose in the USA is the fastest growing in North America.

The top ten of the largest cities in the world will remain largely unchanged between now and 2035. Four Chinese cities are expected to make it to the list.

Rank by 2035 (GDP)CityCountryChanges from 2018 1 New York USA - 2 Tokyo Japan - 3 Los Angeles USA - 4 London UK - 4 Shanghai China +4 6 Beijing China +7 7 Paris France -2 8 Chicago USA -2 9 Guangzhou China +10 10 Shenzhen China +10
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