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Why Aquariums Are Auspicious For Your House
Boldsky | 6th Dec, 2018 12:47 PM
  • Positive Energy Is Radiated

    A fish aquarium kept in the house is considered auspicious because it ensures that there is a constant flow of positive energy inside the house. Thus, not just the negative vibes are removed, but mental calm is also achieved due to the positive energy.

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  • Good For Professional Growth

    It is also believed that vibrant fish moving inside the aquarium bring auspiciousness as a result of which professional growth is achieved soon. Promotions as well as success in projects, it is considered good for both. Offering food to the fish also works for the same benefits.

  • An Energy Named Chi Also Comes With It

    There is a belief that with the fish in the aquarium, an energy named Chi enters the house. This energy works towards your good health as well as reduces mental stress. When this energy prevailing in the body (which is often also considered equivalent to souls in Hinduism) gets refined, mental power and creativity are enhanced.

  • Helps Improve Financially

    An aquarium at home also helps improve the financial condition of the housemates and their debts get cleared soon. The beautiful colours of the fishes as well as the continuously moving water both emit positive vibrations in the house, thus making the aura auspicious.

  • When A Fish Dies

    It is said that a fish takes it on itself if a problem is to come in the house. When a fish dies, it indicates that a major obstacle or problem has been removed.

Fish aquariums at home do not only add to the beauty of the house but are also believed to be auspicious according to Vastu Shastra. It has been mentioned as auspicious by astrologers as well.

But what benefits are accrued and why is it considered auspicious to keep fish or aquariums in the house is worth knowing about. Here we explain why aquariums are considered auspicious for your house. Take a look.

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