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Is Chi Just Another Name For Prana?
Boldsky | 6th Dec, 2018 02:44 PM
  • Chi Is A Form Of Energy

    Ancient sciences say that Chi is a form of energy that transforms a body into a living being. While a body might possess all the organs capable to function well, it is only after bestowing Chi into it that we can differentiate it as a living being. This sounds similar to the Hindu concept of God bestowing Prana Vayu into a human corpse and bringing it to life. Many Hindu concepts such as the Raja Yoga stress on the belief that Prana is a form of energy.

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  • Chi Determines Mental Strength

    The amount of energy remains constant, only the forms can be changed; the amount of positive energy in a body determines the alertness and activeness and ensures a powerful functioning inside the body.

    Similarly, it is said that Chi can be changed, it can be improved such that the capacities of the mind will increase. An increase in the capacity of the mind further makes a weak person stronger, both emotionally as well as mentally.

  • Emphasis On A Happy Heart

    Good health comes from mental health, which is further related to inner peace and happiness. This inner peace comes when the heart is happy. A happy heart presides where the soul is satisfied. The Hindu concept of a peaceful soul (which is similar to Prana) thus emphasises on a similar concept where spirituality is a path humans are advised to adopt in order to keep all sorrows at bay. It is also related to what Gautam Buddha meant when he said that pains and sufferings come from desires and spirituality is a path which helps one get rid of these misleading desires.

  • It Is Used In Various Forms Of Healing Techniques

    It is also said that when this energy named Chi in a person gets refined, or when it reaches its purest and healthiest original form, a person can recover from major forms of illnesses. It sounds much similar to the Hindu concept of happiness where we say that happiness leads to good health, and the belief that when the soul is happy, a person not just starts recovering but all health-related problems stay away.

    This technique is also used for healing in various Chinese traditions. This is also similar to when we use meditation and breathing exercises (pranayam) as a part of spiritual healing.

Chi is a Chinese spiritual term. It is said that it is that form of energy without which a living being cannot exist. It is also said that this was the energy which God had bestowed into dust to give it life.

Does that mean it is similar to what we call Prana in India, or the spirit in America? Let us explore what is Chi and its role in life; whether Chi is just another name for Prana or something different.

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