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Woman’s Mouth Exploded Because Of The Toxin She Consumed
Boldsky | 20th May, 2019 05:46 PM
  • The Woman Was Rushed To Hospital

    The incident happened at the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College hospital in the city of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. The woman, named as Sheela Devi, was rushed to the hospital after she reportedly consumed poison.

  • The Entire Episode Was Captured On CCTV

    According to reports, the CCTV captured the horrifying moment when medics inserted a tube to suck the toxin from her body and her mouth exploded. The doctors believe that the sulfuric acid from her stomach had led to flames erupting from her mouth.

  • The Medics Are Investigating The Cause

    The medics are investigating the cause of the unprecedented fatal incident which literally blew the woman's mouth. The unknown substance that she had consumed had apparently reacted either with air or with stomach acid. As a result, an explosion occurred in her mouth and flames along with smoke came out, killing her instantly.

  • This Case Is One Of Its Kind In Medical History

    Doctors revealed that she had consumed aluminium phosphate which had apparently released phosphine gas in addition to aluminium oxide and other gases. The medics revealed that this case is first of its kind in medical history.

People who commit suicide are not cowards as taking the decision of giving up everything in life does really need guts. From giving yourself the pain of burning yourself or hanging from a ceiling by breaking your neck, all of them require courage.

Here is one such sad case of a woman who decided to commit suicide by consuming poison, but did not expect to have such a painful end to her life.

Check out the details on how the woman's face exploded after she had a medical reaction to the poison that she consumed.

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