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Words That Do Not Have A Dirty Meaning!
Boldsky | 4th Jun, 2019 05:25 PM
  • Assapanick

    This is another name for the flying squirrel in America. The word was initially used by Colonial leader Captain John in his journal in 1606.

  • Aktashite

    Aktashite is the name of a village in Russia that was first discovered in the year 1968. The term is used for a rare mineral composure of arsenic, copper, and mercury minerals.

  • Boobyalla

    Boobyalla is the name of a former shipping port in Northern Tasmania. Also, the word is also an Aborigine name for the wattlebird, which is one of a family of honeyeaters of Australia.

  • Bumfiddler

    The word Bumfiddler means to pollute or spoil something, especially by scribbling or drawing on a document to make it look invalid. A bumfiddler is someone who does this intentionally.

  • Clatterfart

    Clatterfart is all about gossip or being a blabbermouth. According to a Tudor dictionary published in 1552, the word clatterfart meant someone who "wyl disclose anye light secreate".

  • Cock-bell

    A cock-bell means a small handbell. It is also a type of wildflower which grows in the spring. The word is also derived from the word coque, which is a French word for a seashell.

  • Dik-dik

    Dik-dik is one of the smallest antelopes in all of Africa. It stands a little more than a foot tall at the shoulder.

  • Dreamhole

    The word dreamhole is a small slit or opening made in the wall of a building. This is generally made to let in sunlight or fresh air. The word was also once used to refer to holes in watchtowers used by the guards.

  • Sexfoiled

    The term sexfoiled dates back to the Middle English period. It is an old-fashioned name for a leaf or a petal. The sexfoil is a six-leaved plant or flower or an ornament that incorporates six leaves or lobes.

Words like 'cockchafer or sexangle' can sound offensive, but have you tried to understand the meaning of these words?

Cockchafer means a breed of the large European beetles from the genus Melolontha. These beetles are destructive to vegetation. On the other hand, sexangle means geometry or a hexagon!

Understanding the meaning of the words is quite important as there are several words in our dictionary, that have a different meaning to it instead of what it sounds! Here is the list of few words that sound dirty but are actually not. Read on.

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