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Sattal - A Voyage To The Land Of Seven Lakes
Native Planet | 7th Jun, 2019 05:15 PM
  • Best Time To Visit Sattal

    Uttarakhand has a cool climate around the year. The winters are however harsh and heavy woollen clothes must be carried while visiting. The temperature sometimes drops below freezing point. Summers are cool and pleasant and are considered the best time to visit Sattal.

  • How To Reach Sattal

    There is no immediate rail head, airport or bus stand at Sattal. It is an added advantage adding to the fact that the pristine ecology is undisturbed by infrastructure. However, it is well-connected to other major cities of Uttarakhand and therefore, reaching there is relatively easy.

    By air: The nearest airport to Sattal is Dehradun which is 180 km away. From Dehradun, you can hire a public or private transport to reach your destination.

    By rail: Kathgodam is the nearest railway station. From Kathgodam, regular taxis make journey to Sattal at all times of the day.

    By road: Sattal has good road connectivity but not a bus stand of its own. Buses to Kumaon and Nainital make regular trips to the place. Hiring a cab is relatively easier and convenient.

    The local mode of transport in Sattal is taxis. However, as the mountain area is prone to landslide, planning the trip accordingly is of utmost importance.

  • Main Attractions In Sattal

    1. The Seven Lakes

    Sattal is a picturesque place that has received the literal meaning of 'Seven Lakes'. It contemplates an idyllic atmosphere for immersing oneself in the luxurious wilderness of the Himalayas. Serenity and tranquillity are interlined along with the musical gush of clean bluish water and the sweet singing of birds that unfurls a paradise for picnickers.

    Adventure enthusiasts will never find a place like this to cherish their dreams of escaping to the wilderness. The serene destination provides some jaunting places to satisfy one's thrill. Sattal no doubt dominates the itinerary of daring people and explorers.

    The unexplored natural vistas and the happiness of seeing a flock of exotic birds, Sattal also is a haven for butterflies. If you are ever looking for a composed place to unravel your inner senses, Sattal is the one ultimate location.

  • 2. Butterfly Museum

    The butterfly museum is a natural conservation site located at John estate. It houses over 2500 species of butterflies and exotic insects. This place stands a paradise for nature lovers. The colourful butterflies swarming from one end to the other will definitely give a view worth cherishing for.

  • 3. Bhimtal

    PC:Krishna singh 2516

    Nestled among hills at an altitude of 1370 m, Bhimtal is a place to lie down and relax. The place offers the view of nature at its best. It is located at a distance of 3 km from Sattal and a walk here is truly mesmerizing. The area is a spiritual destination, spotted with temples that lie amidst the verdant mountains and a pure blue lake. The lake houses a small island in its middle whose view is suited for romantic evenings.

  • Things To Do In Sattal

    PC:Sumita Roy Dutta

    Sattal is known for trekking. Bare rocks lining the seven lakes and the tiny pavements cut through the forest provide a relatively easy yet exhausting trek. The majestic gorgeous view at the end of each step reveals geological wonders and dense vegetation cover that have remained undisturbed through ages.

    Fishing in the lakes is also a famous activity and the thrill to get a perfect catch is always on the list of travellers who venture here.

No matter how many explorations are carried out by the humans, nature always has something greater to offer. The Himalayas are a perfect example of this. Every corner where the lofty mountains is a mystery of nature. It calls all wilderness enthusiasts to witness geological marvels and be close to nature itself.

The Sattal Lake or 'Sat Tal' is a ground of seven interconnected freshwater lakes located in the lower Himalayas near the town of Nainital. Surrounded by the lush orchards of Mehragaon valley, the lakes are located at an altitude of 1370 m. Pine and oak trees comprise of the majority vegetation here.

The undisturbed water bodies represent fresh biomass which is a harbouring site for migratory birds. This ecological paradise has yet not fallen victim to commercial tourism and therefore, is a perfect destination to revisit wilderness away from the cities.

The calm and quiet ambience of Sattal makes it a sleepy little town near Nainital. The abundance of flora and fauna is a paradise for bird watchers, romantic couples and explorers.

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