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Laknavaram Lake - A Deep Dive Into Nature's Heartland
Native Planet | 10th Jun, 2019 10:18 AM
  • Best Time To Visit Laknavaram Lake

    PC: రవిచంద్ర
    The lake is an ideal place to visit around the year. The climate is cool with a little rise in temperature during the daytime. However, it is advised to visit this place during the winter and monsoon season. The heavy monsoon rains add to the greenery of this place and fill the summer dried channels of the lake with fresh water.

  • How To Reach Laknavaram Lake

    PC: Telangana tourism

    Laknavaram Lake is located at a distance of 73 km from Warangal and about 220 km from the capital city of Hyderabad.

    By air: The nearest airport is Hyderabad and from here you can take a train to Warangal or a bus to the Hanumakonda bus stand.

    By rail: Warangal is the nearest railway station and it connects to the nearby cities of Hyderabad and Mumbai.

    By road: The Mulugu-Jangalam National Highway connects the Lake with other places of Andhra Pradesh.

  • Things To Do At Laknavaram Lake

    PC: Telangana tourism

    1. Walking through the suspension bridge

    Three of the thirteen islands on the Laknavaram Lake are connected via suspension bridges. The bridges are hanging in nature with tight steel ropes. Walking on these bridges which transverse the lake in a zig-zag fashion is nothing less than an adventure. The bridges provide a view of the breathtaking landscape that has remained untouched for centuries.

  • 2. Boating

    PC: Flickr

    Major areas and islands of the lake are accessible via boating. A boat ride into the middle of the lake will reveal calm and a serene picture of the waters. The nearby still forest is silent, occasionally hindered by the chirping of birds. The cool breeze and excellent view of the sunset is an immersive experience. The mingling of the warm sun rays with ripples of disturbed waters occasionally blind the view of kayakers.

  • 3. Camping

    PC: Flickr

    This is one of the most popular options available at the lake. Camping and wildfire is a must while visiting the Lake. Wildfires coupled with drinks, food and silent whisperings of the forest indeed marks a memorable experience. The night view from the camps reveals the silent blue moon, smooth relaxing sound of the rippling water and night owls.

  • 4. Hiking

    PC: Flickr

    The inner forests among the hillocks have a lot to offer to the visitors. The forest trees are homes to exotic migrant birds and monkeys that restlessly jump from one branch to another. Hiking trails are innumerable and they start from the ends of the lake to deep inside where they are eventually lost. Wilderness is best preserved in the forests.

    Local cottages and huts erected by the tourism department offer a resting site to weary travellers into the heartland of nature. The popular trek route is the Oddugudam-Parsa lane which is 14 km long and is a tiresome yet beautiful journey.

At a distance of 80 km from Warangal, the sun sets, casting a crimson aura above the waters of Laknavaram Lake which transforms it into golden pearl hues letting the birds know the night is about to fall. Such is the exquisite beauty of a place nestled among ornamental mountains thick in vegetation cover.

The recent years of tourism have been changing its course to more greener and sustainable options and this has brought Laknavaram Lake into the centre stage of ecotourism with a blend of thrill and adventure.

Laknavaram Lake was initially discovered by the ancient Kakatiya dynasty who stumbled upon this enormous water body surrounded by the lush green Yetu Nagaram forest. A chain of tiny islands floated on this lake. The pristine ecology was used for irrigation to nearby fields and since then the originality of the place stands preserved.

It is no doubt that the lake is home to more than 200 species of migratory and indigenous birds that have made his place home since time immemorial. This place is a famous spot for birdwatching. The area altogether becomes much more mesmerizing when the rainwater floods the lakes and its surrounding channels.

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