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Pictures Of World's Biggest Crocodile Farms & Slaughter Houses!
Boldsky | 6th Jul, 2017 10:52 PM
  • This Is Not The Only Farm!

    There are over 1000 animal farms all over Thailand, where about 1.2 million crocodiles are kept in these farms. Most of these farms have slaughter houses attached to them, as these help them in running a successful business.

  • The Sri Ayuthaya Farm...

    Sri Ayuthaya is one of the biggest farms where the owner revealed, 'We're an all-in-one farm, creating jobs for the people, creating income for the country,' said Wichian Rueangnet. It is estimated that over 150,000 crocodiles live in his farm!

  • These Farms Are Well Equipped!

    Most of these farms do everything from raising these reptiles to slaughtering them and even tanning and exporting their products. The crocodile leather products have a lot of variety in it and one of its famous products is the Birkin-style handbags, which can cost one a bomb!

  • The Farms Are Licensed To Kill!

    Most of these farms are registered with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). This allows it to legally export the products that are made from the critically endangered Siamese freshwater crocodile species, including to the top buyer - China.

  • People Can Visit These Farms!

    People from all over the world visit these big farms, where there are few who entertain the audience by doing some of the croc shows. Apart from this, the tourists are allowed to feed the crocodiles as well. They can see the giant reptiles basking themselves in hot sun and relaxing too.

  • Everything About Crocs Is Worth It!

    It is reported that the meat of crocodile is sold for as much as 300 baht per kg! It is not only the meat that is useful, even the bile and blood of it is also used to make pills, as it is believed that these pills have immense health benefits!

  • The Crocs Are Well Fed!

    The crocs are well fed, as they relish on the chicken heads that they are fed with. This is one of the most common scenes, as the authorities can make the best use of the most healthiest crocodiles for all its products. Be it the meat, skin or even the blood of it, it is a huge sum of profit and all worth the penny!

  • The Newly Hatched Crocodiles!

    The crocodile eggs are properly hatched in good care and the workers also help in the crocodiles come out of their shells in a clean manner. But at the end, we must say that they feeding the crocodiles for their own benefit is really selfish and inhuman!

  • The Leather Products That Are Made…

    The tourists love to purchase the dried skin of crocodile as well as the dyed leather jackets, wallets and the famous bags that are popular all over the world, which are made using the skin of the reptile.

    Do let us know your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

People love wearing anything that has pure leather in it! It is a fashion statement on how expensive it gets, based on the animal's skin that is used to make these stylish products!

The images of animal farms and slaughter houses are quite disturbing. It shows the pain the animals and reptiles go through when it comes to making of the leather.

Here are some of the disturbing images of one of the world's biggest crocodile farm houses that is equipped with slaughter houses and more...

Read on to know more about this place!

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