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22 KYMCO Debuts In India With Three New Scooters — Priced From Rs 90,000 To Rs 2.3 Lakh
DriveSpark | 12th Jun, 2019 07:03 PM

22 KYMCO has launched three scooters in the Indian market. By launching the three scooters, 22 KYMCO has officially debuted in India. 22 KYMCO has revealed the iFlow, the Like 200 and the X-Town 300i for the Indian market. While the iFow is an electric scooter, the Like 200 and the X-Town 300i are petrol-powered.

The Indian auto market is an extremely lucrative market and every single automotive manufacturer in the world wants to make its presence felt here. This is because it is the largest two-wheeler market and there are customers for every single segment of two-wheelers right from the bare basic commuters to the large cruisers, from the little electric scooters to the large litre-class superbikes.

There are all kinds of buyers in India and KYMCO was one of the manufacturers that saw this potential. KYMCO is a two-wheeler manufacturer from Taiwan specialising in the manufacturing of premium two-wheelers and even ATVs.

22 Motors is an Indian company looking forward to make it big in the growing electric vehicle space. 22 Motors had showcased the iFlow at the 2018 Indian Auto Expo and it came with several premium features not many electric scooters could boast of.

A little later, in October 2018, 22 Motors and KYMCO announced their partnership and formed 22 KYMCO. Now, 22 KYMCO has brought out their first three products for the Indian market. The 22 KYMCO iFlow is priced at Rs 90,000, the Like 200 at Rs 1.30 lakh and the X-Town 300i at Rs 2.30 lakh.

22 KYMCO iFlow

The 22 KYMCO iFlow is an updated version of the iFlow that 22 Motors had revealed at the 2018 Indian Auto Expo. The 22 KYMCO iFlow is an electric scooter with a premium design and great fit and finish.

It features a neo-retro design with a circular headlamp taking care of the retro bit and a contemporary modern design elsewhere. It comes with several new features and some features that are seen in expensive motorcycles only.

The 22 KYMCO iFlow is powered by an electric motor with a maximum power of 2100W. The scooter is not sold with a battery but the batteries are leased to the buyer by 22 KYMCO. It will cost the buyer Rs 500 a month to lease one battery.

The iFlow has a capacity of two batteries but can run perfectly fine with even one battery. The 22 KYMCO iFlow has a claimed top speed of around 60km/h and a range of 40-kilometres with just one battery.

When the second battery is added to the mix, the range doubles up but the top speed remains the same. 22 KYMCO offers a 5-year warranty on the iFlow and the scooter's maintenance costs are included in the lease for the batteries.

The iFlow comes with features like LED lights, combined braking system, regenerative braking to charge the batteries, cloud connectivity and ride modes (Reverse, Cruise and Drag). Reverse mode can be used to go backwards while cruise is normal use and drag is for extremely slow speeds.

22 KYMCO Like 200

The 22 KYMCO Like 200 is a premium scooter that will sit above all the other petrol-powered scooters in the Indian market. 22 KYMCO claims it can be used for everyday commutes but it is a scooter that will be used only by the wealthy thanks to its price tag of Rs 1.30 lakh.

The 22 KYMCO Like 200 is not powered by a 200cc engine like might sound but will be powered by an air-cooled, 163cc, single-cylinder engine. The company will reveal more details about the powerplant once it is launched.

22 KYMCO X-Town 300i

The 22 KYMCO X-Town 300i once launched will be the biggest, baddest scooter on Indian roads officially launched by a manufacturer. It is a maxi-scooter and is powered by a fuel-injected, 276cc, single-cylinder engine with a maximum power output of 24.5bhp and a peak torque output of 25Nm.

It will be the only scooter of its kind thanks to its power and price. It weighs in at 181 kilograms and has a fuel tank capacity of 12.5 litres which is higher than even motorcycles with similar engine capacity. As expected, it comes standard with ABS.

All three scooters offer premium features at a premium price. The iFlow is made in India but the battery and a few other components are imported from China. The Like 200 and X-Town 300i will be brought down as SKD (Semi Knocked-Down Kits) and assembled in India.

Thoughts On 22 KYMCO iFlow, Like 200 & X-Town 300i Launched In India

The scooters launched by 22 KYMCO are unlike any others previously seen in India. They will stand out in a crowd and that is exactly what 22 KYMCO is aiming at. Thee scooters will not compete with any mainstream scooters in the Indian market but will carve out a niche of their own. The iFlow though will go directly against the Ather 450.

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