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Teachers' Day: Why Teachers And Students Should Have A Healthy Bond
Boldsky | 4th Sep, 2019 03:54 PM

It is the effort and hard work of a teacher that makes a student aware of his/her calibre. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the former President of India and a great scientist once said, "The role of the teacher is like the proverbial 'ladder', it is used by everyone to climb up in life, but the ladder itself stays in its place." This 5 September 2019 celebrate teachers' day by giving respect to your teachers.

No doubt, teachers always help the students to achieve their goals and reach the height of success. On the other hand, teachers always remain in the same place, ready to help and support their students when needed.

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Even though students sometimes complain of their teacher being boring and strict, a teacher always sees potential in a student, enough to enlighten the world. In order to make the best out of one's talent, it is equally important for both students and teachers to have a healthy student-teacher relationship. Now let us look at the benefits of a healthy student-teacher relationship. Read on.

1. It Promotes The Learning Environment

When students and teachers have a good relationship, they are able to work together to have a great learning experience. Teachers feel comfortable and energetic to bring new and interesting topics for the students. Moreover, students too, become keen towards learning something new.

A good student-teacher relationship promotes an environment where students can speak about their problems and doubts incurred in the learning process. Moreover, the teacher will also be aware of the learning capacity and the issues faced by the student.

2. It Helps Both The Parties To Connect On The Same Ground

If teachers and students are not able to have a connection where they can put forward their problems and look for a solution, none of them will be able to solve their problems. The teacher won't feel interested and concerned for students. On the other hand, the students won't have the same goals as their teacher.

3. It Makes The Classroom Environment Interactive

In a class, students might be intimidated by their teachers. They might not be able to ask an explanation for their doubts. Moreover, teachers also won't be able to know what is going on in the minds of the students. This will lead to the degradation of the students' learning experience. But with a student-teacher relationship, students will be able to ask their teachers to clear the doubts. They will also be able to represent their own ideas.

4. It Brings Academic Success

The moment when students and teachers are having a healthy relation, both of them will be able to give their best. Both the parties can curate a plan where they can decide an academic goal and the strategy to achieve it.

With the help of their teachers, students will be keen to utilize their potential as much as they can. This will also help the teachers to know if students are really working hard and if they need more attention and help.

5. It Improves Mental Health Of The Students

Students might face difficulties in the learning process. They can be frustrated over a topic they are unable to understand. This way, they might give up on the topic quite easily. But if the same students feel comfortable enough to share their issues with their teachers, they won't be giving up so easily. Because the teacher would be there to motivate and make things easier for students.

6. It Promotes The Self-confidence

Students might go through low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence if they are unable to learn the lesson that is being taught. This can make the students feel uncomfortable to talk on a topic during the classes. Also, even if students are able to learn what is taught, they might not have the confidence to showcase what they have learned. They might find their teacher to be intimidating and strict and therefore, they won't be able to speak.

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Moreover, if a teacher is intimidated by the number of students and the way they (students) expect the answers to their questions, the teacher might not be able to give his/her best in the classroom.

So if there is a healthy student-teacher relationship, both the parties will be confident of themselves and will work to make things better.

This teachers' day, let your teacher know how much you owe them and acknowledge their contributions in the growth of your career.

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