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12 Celebrity Hairstyles That Short-haired Women Can Flaunt
Boldsky | 10th Sep, 2019 10:36 AM

Chopping off those long and beautiful tresses isn't an easy decision to make. And now that you have done it, you must be enjoying the freedom and swag that comes with having short hair. But, while you flaunt your new haircut and hairstyle for a few days, sooner or later you would think that there isn't much that you can do with your short hair. Let us let you that isn't the case.

Short hair can be styled in various ways and our favourite celebrities are a testimony to that. At some point in their career, the pretty divas have flaunted short hair and styled it in an awe-aspiring way. And so, today, taking inspiration from them, we have for you some amazing hairstyles that you can rock if you have short hair. Check these out and take your pick!

1. Messy Curls

Priyanka Chopra gives us an amazing way to style our short hair- curls. Curls not only look amazing on long hair but short hair as well. Curl your hair in tight ringlets, let them cool down for a while and then run your hands through the curls. It will give your hair a stuning and messy look. The best part is that you don't have to bother with your hair for the rest of the day.

2. Retro Bob With Bangs

Another hairstyle that Elsa Patasy gives us is the retro bob that is paired up with rich voluminous bangs falling over the forehead. This hairstyle can give you a classic look. If you want to make it even more retro, curl your hair outwards at the end and rock the vintage look.

3. Tousled Lob

Emma Stone gives you a perfect way to style your short hair. Curling the hair at the ends and running the comb through it to make it a little messy can make the hair look voluminous. Side-part the hair from the front and lay it flat on your forehead and it adds some softness to the look.

4. Back-swept Puffy Short Bob

If you have a bob cut, you might not have a lot of room to play with at the back, but you can enhance the look by puffing out your front hair. Scarlett Johansson looks badass in this look and you can recreate this look easily. Make a side puff at the front and use some mousse or hair spray to give it some volume and ensure that it stays all day long and you're done.

5. Side-Swept Textured Bob

Elsa Pataky has many a time slain this look. This is a hairstyle that adds elements of fierceness and softness to your look at the same time. A precisely layered cut is essential if you want to rock sid-swept bob. Dark roots and lighter tips will accentuate this look even further.

6. Wavy Blunt

Emma Watson has lately been rocking a blunt haircut. And if you have a blunt cut yourself, you can take some cues from her on how to style it. Parting your hair at the middle and curling the ends in loose waves is a great way to style a blunt cut. It frames your face perfectly and enhances your entire look.

7. Chic Half updo

Prachi Desai is a fan of short hair and this is quite evident when you go through her Instagram feed. And today, she has a short hairstyle for us that is perfect to wear with an ethnic attire and that is a chic half updo. You can curl your hair at the ends and add some hair accessories and this hairstyle is perfect for a festive occasion.

8. Side-lifted Puffy Bob

Scarlett Johansson seems to be the queen of bob hairdos. And this is one look that won our hearts. Dampen your hair a bit and sweep it all at the back. Use some mousse to hold it in place and add volume to your hair. It is a quick style that makes a lot of impact.

9. Slick Lob

Kangana Ranaut is a huge admirer of short hairstyles. While most of the times her style is more laid back and breezy, she does have some sassy ideas for us as well. Dampen your hair, put on some mousse and pull your hair back with a fine-toothed comb. Pair this look with formal attire and heavily kohled eyes and no one will dare mess with you!

10. Pixie

Pixie is a haircut most of us are fascinated by and afraid of at the same time. While it captivates us, we also wonder if it is a hairstyle that we could carry. Well, let Mylie Cyrus inspire you. Mylie owns a pixie hairdo like a boss and you can too. Just side-part your hair and lay it softly on your forehead and you're done!

11. Polished Bob

Prachi Desai gives you an ideal hairstyle to wear to the office. There can be no look as chic and as sleek as a polished bob. Straighten your hair and side-part it from the front such that the larger parting is falling perfectly on the side of your face and you're ready to roll.

12. Tousled Blunt Hair

Rihanna definitely knows how to carry and flaunt a blunt cut. And if you have natural curls, this is the best way to style your short hair. Dampen your hair a bit, apply some hair spray on your hair and scrunch it up for a couple of minutes and you'll get perfectly tousled blunt hairdo.

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