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Passport Tips And Hacks To Avoid Travel Setbacks
Native Planet | 8th Oct, 2019 03:48 PM
  • Ensure Passport Safety

    An essential tip but a valuable one - first off, always carry your passport in your front pocket. This simple hack will surely reduce the chances of losing it or getting stolen. Many carry wallets or passport in their back pockets, which makes it easy for crooks to pickpocket. Also, because passport is a hot commodity in the black market, conmen will try to trick you.

    Besides that, always double-check the backseat of the cab and your hotel room for your items. When you leave your valuables like a passport behind, it is hard to track them down.

  • Check Passport Validity

    Sometimes the most obvious thing is the most oblivious. Excitement can delude a few travellers. Many forget to check their passport validity when they travel on leisure or for business. Yes, people do forget. Your passport must be valid for at least six months at the time of your arrival. The solution is simple - renew or apply for a passport right away.

  • Find Out Visa Permit Details

    Many show up to the airport only to be fended off from their flight because either they forgot or didn't know they needed a visa. In India, it is a regular sight to see many turned away from their plane. For some countries, a permit is a must, whereas a few don't need a pre-arrival visa.

    For Indians, the best place to find out the permit details is by logging on to the official visa website of India, where they can get specific information concerning the visa.

  • Request Extra Passport Pages

    When you travel, you may have noticed that a few immigration agents stamp your passport's valuable blank pages, even when they don't need a whole page. So instead of disputing the action, you can ask for extra pages when you renew your passport. Additional pages will save you a whole lot of hassle and time.

  • Personalize Your Passport With Stickers

    When travelling in a group or with family and kids, the most time-consuming job is to figure out which passport belongs to whom, especially when rushing through lines. Moreover, when you are in charge of your family's passports, it can be frustrating. So the best thing to do is use a colour-coded sticker or initial of the person to represent respective passport. So much so that a glance can solve your sorting problem! A simple hack but an easy way to avoid stress after jet lag.

t and you eagerly await the arrival of the big day. On the big day, you pack your essentials, dress for the occasion, leave an hour early, and make one last call to your loved ones. However, as soon as you reach the airport, you realize you have made a careless mistake. You forgot your passport, or worse, you have lost it. Not a fun surprise, right!

An uncalled experience like that can leave you depressed and frustrated. Moreover, the last thing a traveller wants is a meltdown at the airport.

Besides just losing the passport, there are a few other travel hitches that can be mind-numbing. So here are a few passport tips and hacks that will help you avoid travel setbacks:

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