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Dehydrated? Eat These 15 Hydrating Foods For Relief
Boldsky | 23rd Jan, 2020 08:00 PM
  • 1. Watermelon

    This one is, hands down, one of the primary solutions for dehydration. One of the most hydrating foods, watermelon has 92 per cent water content. You can add watermelon to your diet by consuming it as a refreshing snack, juice or add it to your salads [1].

  • 2. Strawberry

    With 91 per cent water content, eating strawberries will contribute to your daily water intake. Eating strawberries regularly has been shown to reduce inflammation as well. You can add the berry to salads and make smoothies [2].

  • 3. Cantaloupe

    This succulent melon has very few calories and adds up to 90.2 per cent of water content [3]. Cantaloupe is extremely beneficial and effective for hydrating your body and also helps provide you with vitamins A and C.

  • 4. Peach

    With 89 per cent water content, eating peaches can help get relief from dehydration and also prevent the onset of it. You can add peaches to salads or make smoothies [4].

  • 5. Orange

    Consuming oranges help provide proper hydration as the fruit has 88 per cent water content in it, which can quickly help with dehydration. Orange juices are a quick solution to dehydration [5].

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  • 6. Grapefruit

    An exceptionally healthy fruit packed with various nutrients, grapefruit has 88 per cent water content. If you are feeling dehydrated, eat the fruit as it is or add it to salads [6].

  • 7. Star Fruit

    This star-shaped fruit can help satisfy your fluid quota with 91 per cent of water content. It has a juicy texture and is rich in antioxidants, especially epicatechin, a heart-healthy compound that helps to keep your heart healthy [7].

  • 8. Cucumber

    Cucumbers are also high in water content which makes it up to 96.7 per cent. They also contain vitamin C and caffeic acid, both of which help soothe the skin irritation and swelling [8].

  • 9. Tomato

    Used in salads, sandwiches and detox juices, tomatoes are an excellent hydrating snack with a high water content of 94.5 per cent. Peeling the fibrous skin of the tomatoes will help boost the tomato's hydrating powers [9].

  • 10. Celery

    Celery adds taste and aroma to the dishes. But, it is no wonder that celery has a high water content, which makes it up to 95.4 per cent. Celery is packed with a combination of mineral salts, vitamins and amino acids that hydrate your body twice as effectively as a glass of water [10].

  • 11. Iceberg Lettuce

    Packed with various nutrients and fibres, iceberg lettuce is also high in water content, 99.6 per cent, that will help replenish the fluid levels in your body [11].

  • 12. Zucchini

    Zucchini consists of 95 per cent of water by weight and it is one of the most hydrating vegetables to have during the winter season. The vegetable is less than 25 calories and is an excellent source of folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium [12].

  • 13. Bell Peppers

    Yellow, red and green - bell peppers of all shades have high water content and they are very good veggies to keep you hydrated. Bell peppers have a high water content of about 93.9 per cent. They are also rich in nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B6, beta-carotene, folic acid and thiamine [13].

  • 14. Spinach

    Spinach has a high water content of 91.4 per cent, which has the potential to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Apart from this, it is rich in lutein, potassium, vitamin E and fibre [14].

  • 15. Cauliflower

    This may come as a surprise but cauliflower is extremely hydrating, as the veggie is 92 per cent water by weight. One cup (100 grams) of cauliflower provides more than 59 ml of water [15].

  • 16. Coconut Water

    This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. When you feel dehydrated, it is natural for us to be drawn to coconut water. It is a super healthy beverage that will keep you hydrated. A perfect solution for dehydration, drinking coconut water can help as it is rich in electrolytes, including potassium, sodium and chloride [16].

    Apart from the aforementioned, cottage cheese, broths and soups, skim milk and yoghurt can help provide relief from dehydration.

  • On A Final Note…

    Hydration is extremely important for your body and your overall health. Severe dehydration can lead to low blood pressure, heat injuries, seizures and kidney problems and recent study have linked dehydration with cognitive performance, pointing out that dehydration can alter the shape of the human brain and weakens one's ability to perform tasks.

    Make sure you eat plenty of water-rich foods and drink water when you feel thirsty.

You may think that you'll not get dehydrated in the cold months of January and February. That's where you are wrong. During these cold months, the sweat evaporates more rapidly in the cold, dry air - which results in dehydration.

Dehydration occurs when your body has an insufficient amount of water. This insufficiency leads to disruption of the normal functioning of the body. Anyone can become dehydrated, however, it is more dangerous in older adults and children.

The common causes of dehydration are not drinking enough water, losing too much water through sweating, excessive vomiting and diarrhoea, fever, certain medications etc. In the current article, we will take a look at some of the most beneficial hydrating fruits and vegetables, the hydrating foods, that can help provide immediate relief from dehydration.

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