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7 Ways To Include Apple In Your Diet
Boldsky | 12th Feb, 2020 08:00 PM
  • 1. Apple oatmeal

    This makes for a healthy breakfast filled with the goodness of oats and apple. It's also very simple and easy to prepare.

    How to prepare: Soak the oats overnight or cook them the same day. Add chopped apples and some dry fruits and enjoy this wholesome breakfast.

  • 2. Apple And Berries Salad

    The combination of apple and berries make for a nutrient-packed breakfast. Apple and berries salad gives the antioxidant benefits of both the fruits.

    How to prepare: Combine four medium-sized apples and berries like strawberries, cranberries and raspberries. Mix gently and serve.

  • 3. Apple pancakes

    It makes for a delicious dish in the morning, especially for one with a sweet tooth. Apple pancakes can be made within minutes and its rich taste is really a savour for your family.

    How to prepare: Make a batter of eggs, apple, butter, flour, baking soda, sugar and cinnamon. Pour the batter in a frying pan, cook both the sides and serve hot.

  • 4. Apple omelette

    For people who are more into apples and eggs, this is the best and easy dish to start their day. The best thing about apple omelette is one can cook this festive-looking dish any time of the day.

    How to prepare: Make an omelette with 2 eggs, salt and pepper. Top it with apple slices, spinach and tomato. Roll the omelette and serve hot.

  • 5. Apple and vegetables

    This dish can make any vegetable taste special. Apple can go with any vegetables especially cabbage. It is less time taking and healthy in many ways.

    How to prepare: Lightly fry your favourite vegetables with pepper, butter, salt and onions. Add peeled apple slices and cover it for 10 minutes. Serve it hot.

  • 6. Apple and yoghurt

    Yoghurt is a probiotic that helps with many digestive problems. Adding apples to yoghurt enriches its taste as well as provide many nutrients at the same time.

    How to prepare: Add small chunks of apple over the yoghurt. Top the mixture with some dry fruits and berries.

  • 7. Apple jelly

    The perfect way to enjoy apples is by preparing a freshly ripened apple jelly. It is the best way to enjoy the goodness of a fruit jelly without any artificial agents.

    How to prepare: Boil apple cubes in water along with some cloves. When the mixture becomes soft, pour water. Add lemon juice and sugar and stir the mixture until it becomes thick. Cool and serve with bread.

    Other Easy Tips To Include Apple In your Diet
    • Add apple slices to cereals for a better taste
    • Spread peanut butter on apple slices for a handy breakfast
    • Include sliced apples in your favourite sandwich
    • Roast apple slices with some salt and pepper and add it with your meal
    • Dip apple slices in caramel for a rich taste
    • Grill apples for that perfect barbeque evening
    • Simply munch on the whole fruit during those craving hours.

There are a lot of evidence which suggest that eating an apple a day is good for our health and wellbeing. According to a Nutritional Journal, apples are a rich source of phytochemicals (like catechin, quercetin and chlorogenic acid) which may decrease the risk of several chronic diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and asthma. Apart from these, the antioxidant property of apples is associated with slow ageing, weight loss, low cholesterol levels and good gastrointestinal health. [1]

A healthy diet is the best way to prevent many diseases and to start your day- apples seem to be the best option. Apples can smoothly get mixed with any food-be it a fruit salad, a sweet dish, chips or vegetables- there lies the big advantage of this fruit. However, there are many ways to add this exotic fruit to your diet and make them super healthy and nutritional. Read on to know some of the best ways to include apple in your diet.

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