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Ramadan 2020: A List Of Healthy Food Items To Consume During Suhoor In The Lockdown
Boldsky | 24th Apr, 2020 04:45 PM
  • 1. Oatmeal

    What could be a better option to keep you full and energised throughout the day than Oatmeal? Well, you can prepare oatmeal porridge or masala oats to give your body the required nutrition. Oatmeal is a rich source of carbohydrates and protein which can give your body a good dose of necessary nutrients. You can add some bananas, cherries and dry fruits in your bowl of oatmeal to enhance the taste and nutrients. So have oatmeal and keep hunger and fatigue at bay during Ramadan 2020.

  • 2. Eggs

    Eggs contain tons of vitamins and protein and consuming it for Suhoor can keep you healthy and energetic. One can eat eggs in many ways such as you can have boiled eggs or scrambled eggs. Not only this, but you can also consume poached eggs or egg omelet. You can consume eggs by mixing it with your bread. Mixing boiled eggs with salad or brown bread topped with peanut butter can be a good option.

  • 3. Salad

    Nature has provided us with so many fruits and vegetables that are rich in minerals, vitamins and other necessary nutrients. Consuming fruits and vegetables for the Suhoor can be a great option as it will not only help you in staying hydrated but will also ensure the proper balance of nutrition in your body. For this, you can prepare a fruit salad consisting of bananas, apples, avocado, kiwi, berries and much more. Adding honey on top of it can enhance that taste and nutrition as well.

    You can also eat vegetable salad consisting of cucumber, tomatoes, jalapenos, carrots, radish, kale and poached eggs. This will give you a good dose of healthy nutrients.

  • 4. Smoothies

    If you are willing to have some health drinks which are tasty also then smoothies can be the best option. They are rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and other necessary nutrients. You can prepare smoothies at your home. There are various recipes for smoothies. Such as you can have a banana smoothie which can be prepared using bananas, milk, greek yogurt, honey and vanilla. Blend these in a blender to make it slightly thicker. You can also add dry fruits, banana slices, strawberries and ice on the top.

    If you want to try some other smoothies, then you can take the help of several recipes for smoothies on the internet.

  • 5. Muffins

    If you are looking forward to having something delicious and nutritious at the same time then you can go for bran muffins. These are quite healthy and will give you full for the entire day. You can make bran muffins at a time and store it for a week. These are easy to make and will satisfy your appetite. If you have children in your family, then you can surely prepare muffins at your home to consume during the Suhoor. There are many recipes of muffins available on the internet.

  • 6. Sandwich

    So this is another food that can keep your hunger at bay and will make you feel energised throughout the day. All you would need is boil some potatoes, mash and saute them with onions, chilies, ginger-garlic, some spices and salt. After that you can place the potato filling between two slices of bread. You can also place cheese slices, cucumber, tomatoes and onions above the filling to make it a big sandwich. If you wish you can put poached eggs or egg omelet in the sandwich.

    Try this and we are sure, you won't feel hungry at all for the entire day.

  • 7. Sweet Potatoes And Sprouts

    This could act as a side-dish in your Suhoor. Rich in protein and other essential health nutrients, sprouts and sweet potatoes will not only satisfy your appetite but will also ensure that you aren't lacking nutrition in your body. For this, soak the sprouts overnight. You can consume the sprouts with salt, onion, chilies, or honey. For sweet potatoes, you can boil them and add in your sprouts or consume them separately. Sweet potatoes are rich in carbohydrates which can further keep you healthy and energetic.

  • 8. Milkshakes

    Milkshakes are another healthy item that you can consume during Suhoor. Children and teenagers can drink it to ensure their body is getting essential nutrients in the form of milkshakes. There are various recipes of milkshakes such as banana milkshake, chocolate milkshake, vanilla milkshake, etc. you can go through on the internet. You can garnish the milkshake with some melted chocolate and dry fruits.

    We hope you drink enough water during the Suhoor to ensure there is a proper balance of water in your body. We wish you a Happy Ramadan and hope that you will enjoy it thoroughly.

Ramadan also known as Ramazan, is the most sacred month for the followers of Islam. This is considered to be the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. During Ramadan, Muslims observe fast for the entire month. They consume food or water only before the sunrise and after sunset. Muslims all over the world observe fasts (also known as Roza) during Ramadan. This year the holy month has begun from 23 April 2020.

During Roza, the meal consumed before the sunrise is known as Suhoor while the one consumed after sunset is known as Iftar. These two meals are considered to be quite important as they are a part of the ritual. Moreover, one cannot consume even a grain or a drop of water between Suhoor and Iftar. Therefore, the food consumed as Suhoor should be nutritious enough to keep you energised and hydrated throughout the day. Hence we are here with a list of food items that you can have during the Suhoor.

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